Detailed View About IDPimp Fast Fake ID Service

If you are planning to buy a fake id online, you must know the details of the shipping process. Here is the complete information on how the shipping process works for your forged id.


Shipping Duration


You may notice that all the sites are claiming to provide a fast delivery service. Sometimes, they delay delivering your product within the promised time. Therefore you should trust an authentic service provider like Go To for your fake id making.


They maintain punctuality and deliver your product within a fixed time. It may take 1-2 weeks for them to complete the delivery process according to the distance. They can make your id within 3-4 days and the shipping process can take another 4-5 days.


Whenever you purchase a product from an online site, it shows an expected shipment and delivery date. You may wonder why it takes a long period of time to ship your false identification card. There are many steps that the process of making a fake id relies on.


Security Protection


Genuine sites like Buy Fake ID Card Mississippi Online always show concerns about their client’s confidentiality. They secure all the information of their clients by encrypting them.


Printing Service


The designers use the same text font, pattern, and position that is used in an original id. Thus they customize a fake id that looks legit. After completing the perfect design, they make the false id ready to be printed.

The experienced company makes your forged id look more real. They also provide you with high-quality print and product material. It may take 1-2 days to produce a premium quality product.


Layers of Protection

Expert service provider like IDPimp uses polycarbonate as the material of a fake id. There are many layers of polycarbonate sheets with different purposes in a fake identity card. You can also go for a lamination that protects your card from all external damages.


Safe Packaging


The fake id is an illegal and extremely private document. The staff of authentic companies like IDPimp packs the false ids with safety and care. They wrap the ids in such a way that does not become a matter of suspicion.


Fast and Secure Payment Option


As your fake id is a highly confidential document, you must not link any of your original information with it. You must avoid linking your bank account number while purchasing a false identification card. Here are some safe and fast payment options for your fake id card.


Cryptocurrency: The process of cryptocurrency works based on an algorithm of blockchain. There is no such organization that authorizes this payment method. Therefore it is the safest and fastest option to pay for your forged id.


Gift Card: While placing an order for your fake id from IDPimp or any such company, make sure to check first whether it accepts gift card payments. It is also a fast and secure payment option for any of your transactions.




Nowadays, it has become easier to get your fake ids within a minimal time duration. You need to be cautious with the purchasing service.

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