How To Check your Ads with Google Adwords Preview Tool

If you aren’t familiar with Google’s Adwords Preview tool, then slide over and check it out. AdWords is a really good advertising tool and one could say that it is an internet marketer’s dream since it helps you keep track of your search campaign in the SERP results. For obvious reasons, you would want to view the ads that are run for you on Google. Read Here

If you have purchased a Premium campaign, your Google Ads will show almost all the time on Google Search. Google tracks every search you make and attempts to provide you with useful information based on the past searches that have been made by you. So here’s the catch, continuing to make the same search will change the results and your view will not be similar to what the average new customer would see. The good news is that Google has a tool for that and it’s called the Adwords Ad Preview Tool. So let’s start from the top. How Does Google Adwords Work? Google AdWords is a system and graphical interface to administer sponsored links on Google’s search engine and its partners. AdWords is also used as an auction system for ads on the internet. Every time someone performs a search on Google, the ads are ranked based on several factors. In case you were wondering, the format for ads on Google looks like this: Title (max 25 characters) Display URL (maximum 35 characters, your actual address / URL can be 1,087 characters) Description Line 1 (max 35 characters) Description Line 2 (max 35 characters) The Adwords Preview Tool The Google Ad Preview tool enables you to view your AdWords ads as they would appear on a regular Google search results page without accumulating any extra impressions for your advert. It also allows users to test their ads and see them in various geographic locations without actually having to be in those areas. How does it Work When you arrive at the Google Adwords preview tool page, before you feed in your search terms, you will have to select the region or city where we are running your Google Ads. You can begin by typing in your area or city in the Location box. As you type, Google will present you with default selections. All you have to do is simply pick the location where you want to check your Google Ads. Once you’ve selected the region, enter your search in the large box and click the Preview button to the right of it. Keep in mind that you can now use search terms without the city or state, since this tool has now been set as though you are in the region that you selected. That’s all there is to it. But…Beware We know it’s tempting, but it’s best to resist the urge to search for your own ad on Here’s why: By performing searches that trigger your ad, you’ll rack up impressions without clicks, which can lower your click-through rate and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should. If you repeatedly look for your own ad using Google search but never click on it, you might stop seeing it entirely. That’s because Google’s system stops showing you ads that it thinks you aren’t interested in. Can the Adwords Preview Tool be used for Video ads? No, you cannot use Google Ad Preview Tool for your video ads because this tool is only available for real time results on Google search for your text ads.

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