The Top Dog Boarding Marlton Options

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? Well, maybe not. In recent years, dog boarding has become a booming industry due to the growing popularity of dogwalking and other outdoor activities. Dog boarding establishments offer a great deal of convenience for dog owners who need to leave their furry friends behind while they go out and have some fun. And with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will explore the top dog boarding options in Marlton and help you make an informed decision about which one is best for you and your pup.Dog Boarding Marlton

What is Boarding?

What is Boarding?

Boarding is the act of sending your dog away for a period of time so that they can have fun and get some peace and relaxation. When choosing a boarding facility, it is important to think about how much you are willing to spend on their care. There are many different types of boarding facilities, from kennels to luxury resorts. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the one that will best fit your needs.

The most common type of boarding facility is a kennel. Kennels typically charge between $25 and $50 per day, depending on the size of the kennel and the length of stay. They are great for short-term boarding, as they provide enough space for your dog to run and play but also have indoor and outdoor areas where they can relax.

Another type of boarding facility is a pet resort. These facilities offer more luxurious accommodations than kennels or apartment complexes, with rooms tailored specifically for dogs. They usually charge between $100 and $200 per night, depending on the size of the room and the amenities offered. Pet resorts are great for long-term boarding, as they provide your dog with plenty of space to run and play as well as premium amenities such as pools, sandboxes, and toys.

There are also hybrid options available that combine aspects of both kennels and pet resorts. For example, some pet shelters offer

The Different Types of Boarding

The different types of boarding that are available in Marlton provide pet parents with a wide range of experiences and amenities to choose from. From open-air dog runs to indoor play areas complete with toys and games, there is a boarding facility perfect for every dog.

One popular option for Marlton pet parents is day care boarding. This type of boarding allows dogs to stay with a caregiver during the day while their owners are at work or errands. Day care boarding can be arranged in a variety of settings, including home, businesses, and resort settings. Many day care providers also offer full or partial board services, which allows pet parents to give their dog a break from home while still providing them with meals, exercise, and stimulation.

Another popular type of boarding for Marlton pets is overnight boarding. Overnight boarding allows pet parents to leave their dogs safely in the care of a professional staff while they sleep. Many overnight boarding facilities offer both indoor and outdoor options, as well as different accommodations such as single rooms or suites. Some providers even offer special packages that include overnight stays together with playtime during the day.

Dog owners who need extra time to take care of their pets can also consider kennel services. Kennels typically provide 24-hour supervision and access to fresh water and snacks for your animal while you’re away. While not ideal for all dogs, kennels can be a great option for those animals who have difficulty adjusting to

Pros and Cons of Boarding Dogs

There are a few pros and cons to boarding your pooch with a trained professional.

The benefits of boarding your dog with a professional include:
– Your dog gets quality time with a caring person or pet provider
– If there’s an emergency, the professional is available 24/7 to care for your furry friend
– You get peace of mind knowing that your pup is being treated well and that any accidents will be handled professionally.

However, there are also some potential downsides to boarding your dog with a professional:
– The cost can be high, depending on the location and the length of stay
– Some professionals charge extra for specific services (like walking) which you may not want to pay for if you’re able to provide that service yourself.

The Top Dog Boarding Marlton Options

When it comes to dog boarding, Marlton has a lot of great options. Whether you’re looking for a day care facility that will watch your pup while you’re at work or an apartment-style setting that will give your pet plenty of room to run and play, there are plenty of options in Marlton. Here are the five best dog boarding facilities in Marlton:

1. DogVacay: This is one of the top dog boarding facilities in Marlton because they offer both apartments and daycare settings. You can choose to leave your pup with one of their employees who will take care of them while you’re at work, or you can book a daycare spot on their online calendar. In either case, your pup will be given plenty of love and attention.

2. Dog House Cottage: If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere where your pup can run around without having to worry about being supervised all day, Dog House Cottage is the perfect place for you. They have two separate locations – one in Pennington and one in Bloomsbury – so you can choose the one that’s convenient for you. Plus, they offer discounted rates if you book more than 12 weeks in advance!

3. Bark ‘N’ Borrow: Bark ‘N’ Borrow is another great option if you want someone to watch your pup while you’re away but don’t want to commit to a full-day stay


If you’re looking for a dog boarding facility that can provide top-notch service and ensure your furry friend is in good hands, look no further than the Top Dog Boarding Marlton options listed below. From professional staff who are experienced in handling dogs of all ages to facilities that offer a wide variety of amenities and activities, these dog boarding companies are sure to have what your pet needs.

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